Belden 88770 Equivalent Cable / Belden 88770 Equal Wire & Cable

Galaxy is a leading supplier of a cost-effective equivalent to Belden 88770. The Galaxy part number is GB-355080 for its Belden 88770 equivalent cable/wire.

What is Belden 88770 Equivalent Cable, GB-355080?

Galaxy’s Belden 88770 equivalent cable, part number GB-355080, is a high temperature, multi-conductor cable that has FEP insulation and a FEP jacket. It can be used in many environments that require a cable to operate at a high temperature.

Galaxy’s GB-355080 Belden 88770 Equivalent Cable Specifications

Belden 88770 equivalent, GB-355080, is a cable that consists of 3 conductors. The conductors are 18 AWG (19×30 stranding), tinned copper with FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) insulation. The conductor colors are red, white and black. The cable has an overall foil shield that has 100% coverage, with a tinned copper 20 AWG drain wire. This Belden 88770 equivalent cable has a red FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) outer jacket. The operating temperature range of the cable is -80°C to +200°C. The voltage rating for this cable is 300V.

Galaxy GB-355080 Specifications Table

Galaxy’s Belden 88770 equivalent cable specs in table format:

DescriptionThree 18 AWG Conductors, Shielded, FEP/FEP
Conductors18(19/30) Tinned Copper
Insulation0.007” FEP
Color CodeRed, White, Black
Drain Wire20 AWG Tinned Copper
ShieldAluminum/Mylar Tape Shield, 100% Coverage
Jacket0.014” FEP, Red
Weight/1,000'31 lbs
Nominal OD0.163"


Industry Approvals for Galaxy’s GB-355080 Belden 88770 Equivalent Cable

  • NEC Article 725-CL2P or NEC Article 800-CMP
  • C(UL) (CMP only)

Applications for Galaxy’s GB-355080 Belden 88770 Equivalent Cable

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