Mil-Spec Cable

Mil-Spec Cable

As a leading supplier of mil-spec cable, Galaxy offers various mil-spec cable types in a wide range of gauge sizes and insulation materials. Galaxy has low minimum order requirements and can also provide engineering design services for military specification cable.

Mil-Spec CableWhat is Mil-Spec Cable?

Mil-spec cable is commonly a multi-conductor cable that has been designed to meet US military specifications. Other forms of mil-spec cable would be coaxial cable and portable power cable. These military specifications were created set up by the US Department of Defense for the sole purpose of supporting military designs and applications. Typically, a mil-spec cable will be designated by having the letter “M” in front of a numeric code. Galaxy can help customers identify the best fit of mil-spec cable for any product or application.

Common Types of Mil-Spec Cable

  • Mil-C-17
  • Mil-C-27500
  • Mil-C-24640
  • Mil-C-24643
  • Mil-C-3432

FAQs about Mil-Spec Cable

Can Mil-Spec cable be used for other applications other than military?

Yes, even though mil-spec cable is designed for military use, it is readily available and may very well be the best fit for a product or application.

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