UL/CSA Approved Cable

UL/CSA Cable

UL/CSA Approved CableAs a leading supplier of UL/CSA cable, Galaxy has various types of UL/CSA cable available in a wide range of gauge sizes and insulation materials. Galaxy has low minimum order requirements and offers engineering design services for UL/CSA cable.

What is UL/CSA Cable?

UL/CSA cable is cable that has been certified to meet UL, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and/or CSA, Canadian Standards Association, stringent standards. These ratings provide electrical rating ranges that a cable must meet, so that the end user can accurately choose a cable that will function as intended. All UL/CSA cable will be printed and/or labeled showing which standard it meets. Galaxy has the ability to help identify the best fit of UL/CSA cable for any application or product.

Common Types of UL/CSA Cable

  • UL 1277
  • UL 2464
  • UL 2576
  • UL 2587

FAQs about UL/CSA Cable

Can a UL/CSA cable have conductors that are not UL/CSA rated?

No, UL/CSA rating is dependent upon the inner conductors meeting UL/CSA guidelines called out for the UL/CSA rated cable. Additionally, if the inner conductors are, for example, UL 1007, the overall cable will have a different rating such as UL 2464.

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