Multi-Conductor Cable

Galaxy is a proven leader in the supply of standard and custom multi-conductor cable and wire.

Multi-Conductor Cable/Wire, Multicore Cable/Wire, Multi-Pair Cable/Wire

Multi-conductor cableGalaxy is a proven leader in the supply of standard and custom multi-conductor cable and wire, which is also called multicore cable or wire (favored in Europe) and multipair cable or wire. Galaxy can supply multi-conductor cable in virtually any configuration or construction to meet industry, military, and international standards and regulations. Galaxy can provide quantities ranging from small prototype quantities to large yearly quantities based upon customer requirements.

What is Multi-Conductor Cable/Multi-Conductor Wire?

Multi-conductor cable is any cable with more than one conductor. When there is only one conductor, the product is considered a wire or a lead wire. When additional conductors are added to the product, it would then be known as a cable or multi-conductor cable. In Europe, the terms multicore or multi-core are used more often to describe a multi-conductor cable. Multi-conductor cables can have as few as two conductors and as many as 100 or more conductors. These conductors, or wires, can be twisted in pairs, triads, quads or they can be concentrically laid throughout the cable. The overall construction of the cable will vary depending on such factors as desired electrical performance, temperature, voltage, environmental factors, etc. Multi-conductor cables can be made with various types of shielding. The shields can be foil shields, braid shields, or spiral shields. The use of shielding is again dependent upon the application and desired functionality of the multi-conductor cable.

Multi-Conductor Cable Applications

Galaxy supplies multi-conductor cable to various markets in the following industries:

  • Industrial Applications
  • Automation Controls
  • Aerospace Applications
  • Signal and Data Applications
  • Communication Applications
  • Military Applications
  • Transit Applications
  • Power and High Voltage Applications

Multi-Conductor Cable Insulation & Jacket Materials

Galaxy offers multi-conductor cable made from a wide selection of insulation materials and jacket materials. Every material that is shown in the table on the Wire & Cable Insulation & Jacket Materials page is available as indicated there.

Galaxy Differentiators / Advantages for Multi-Conductor Cable & Wire

While Galaxy can support requests for stocked, name brand multi-conductor cables, its expertise lies in the ability to assist in the design and manufacture of a multi-conductor cable that best fits product and functional requirements. Whether those requirements are electrical or environmental, the Sales Engineers at Galaxy have in-depth technical knowledge that can be invaluable when deciding on a stocked, readily available multi-conductor, or when choosing to design a unique custom cable to fit precise requirements. Some cable requirements may be minimal to start, in the prototyping phase, and then ultimately grow to large production runs. Galaxy’s Sales Engineers can offer solutions that fit with both short and long term needs. Galaxy’s extensive experience has provided customers with numerous good solutions and competitive advantages.

FAQs about Multi-Conductor Cable

Can a multi-conductor cable be UL or CSA rated?

Absolutely. In fact, multi-conductor cables often carry UL or CSA ratings based upon the jacket and insulation compounds used.

Can you combine different wire gauge sizes with different insulation materials in a multi-conductor cable?

Yes, but there are certain considerations which can be further explained by contacting a Galaxy Sales Engineer.

Can a multi-conductor cable be made with twisted individually shielded pairs?

Yes, there can be numerous twisted shielded pairs, or elements, to a multi-conductor cable. In fact, the twisted shielded pairs can be of different insulation materials, different gauge sizes with different shield types.

Terminology Notes

Multi conductor wireThere are various terms used in the wire and cable industry related to this type of cable. They include:

  • Multi-Conductor Cable
  • Multiconductor Cable
  • Multi-Conductor Wire
  • Multiconductor Wire
  • Multi-Core Cable
  • Multicore Cable
  • Multi-Core Wire
  • Multicore Wire
  • Note: Multicore is more prevalent in Europe
  • Multi-Pair Cable
  • Multipair Cable
  • Multi-Pair Wire
  • Multipair Wire
  • Note: Multipair refers to a specific type of multiconductor cable where the wires are twisted into pairs before being cabled together
  • Elements

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