Custom Coaxial Cable Assemblies, RF Cable Assemblies, Coax Jumper Cables, RF Cable Jumpers

Coaxial cable assembly, silver braid, gold plated SMB connectors
Galaxy is a leading manufacturer of custom coaxial cable assemblies and has vast expertise in the design of custom coaxial cable assemblies. Coaxial cable assemblies are also referred to as RF cable assemblies, coaxial jumper cables or RF cable jumpers.
Coaxial/RF cable assemblies are commonly used to transmit signal and radio frequency (RF) in the multi megahertz range. Coaxial cable assemblies can be built with various types of connectors and cable types, with varying lengths depending on the intended use or application.


The Galaxy Differentiator for Coaxial Cable Assemblies / RF Cable Assemblies / Coax Jumper Cables

Galaxy works with customers from the design and prototype phase of a project all the way through large production runs. Galaxy’s engineering staff is knowledgeable and consistently offers product improvement suggestions. Galaxy can not only assist in the choice of a coaxial cable but can assist in the actual design of a new custom coaxial cable to be used in a coaxial cable assembly. If a particular off-the-shelf coaxial connector will not work for customer’s application, Galaxy can help design a connector that meets all mechanical, environmental and electrical requirements. Galaxy has low minimum order requirements and offers engineering design services to help meet specific coaxial cable assemblies / RF cable assemblies manufacturing requirements.
Every RF cable assembly / coaxial cable assembly / coax jumper cable / RF jumper cable that is manufactured at Galaxy is made to customer specifications. Galaxy takes pride in the quality, delivery and price for RF / coaxial cable assemblies, along with good customer communication.


Coaxial Cable Assemblies / RF Cable Assemblies Technical Capabilities

Galaxy has the both the equipment and technical knowledge to manufacture virtually all forms of RF / coaxial cable assemblies. Galaxy can work with standard RG type cables, LMR low loss cables of all sizes, as well as custom designed coaxial cables. Galaxy has experience working with standard coaxial cable, semi-rigid coaxial cable, and formable coaxial cable. Galaxy’s Quality Control Department has the experience and testing equipment to perform both physical and electrical testing to ensure every RF / coax cable assembly is manufactured correctly and functions as designed.
Coaxial Cable Jumpers / RF Cable Assemblies / Coaxial Cable Jumpers


Markets for Coaxial Cable Assemblies / RF Cable Assemblies / Coax Jumper Cables


Coaxial Cable Connector Types

  • BNC
  • TNC
  • SMA
  • UHF
  • MCX
  • SMP
  • SMA
  • N Type
  • SMB
  • MMBX
  • MMCX
  • SSMC


FAQs about Coaxial Cable Assemblies / RF Cable Assemblies / Coax Jumper Cables

Will two coaxial cable assemblies perform the same if the connectors are identical, but the lengths are different?

No, if the lengths of the coaxial cable assemblies are not the same the electrical signal being transmitted will be different.  The attenuation of the signal will differ.


What different names are used to refer to coaxial cable assemblies?

Sometimes the short name coax is used, so they are called coax cable assemblies. They are also referred to as radio frequency (RF) cable assemblies, coaxial cable jumpers, coaxial jumper cables, coaxial jumpers, RF cable jumpers or RF jumpers.


What does the designation “RP” mean in front of some connector types?

When you see the designation “RP” in front of a connector type it refers to Reverse Polarity. Reverse Polarity means that the contacts or pins are switched between male and female so that the adapters will not mate with standard coaxial connectors.


What are the different genders available and names for coaxial connectors?

Female coaxial connectors are often referred to as Jacks. Male coaxial connectors are often referred to as Plugs.


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