UL/CSA Approved WireGalaxy is a leading supplier of UL/CSA wire with many types available in a wide range of gauge sizes and insulation materials.  Galaxy has low minimum order requirements and offers engineering design services for UL/CSA wire.

What is UL/CSA Wire?

UL wire (also called UL listed wire or UL approved wire) is wire that has been certified to meet the stringent standards of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL). CSA wire has been certified to meet the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements.  These ratings provide electrical rating ranges that a wire must meet.  This allows the end user to accurately choose a wire that will function the way the product was intended.  All UL/CSA wire will be printed and/or labeled showing which standard it meets.  Galaxy works with customers to identify the best UL/CSA wire for any application or product.

Common Types of UL/CSA Wire

  • UL 1007
  • UL 1015
  • UL 1061
  • UL 1180
  • UL 1213
  • UL 3239

FAQs about UL/CSA Wire

What is the difference between UL and CSA rated wire?

UL ratings from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. are recognized throughout the USA, while Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards are typically used throughout Canada.

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