Galaxy is a leading supplier of wire and cable to the solar and photovoltaic (PV) industry.

Solar/PV Industry Wire and Cable

Solar PV Industry WireGalaxy is a leading supplier of wire and cable to the solar and photovoltaic (PV) industry.  The solar/PV industry is a rapidly growing industry and the need for both solar/PV wires and solar interconnect cables is growing with it.  The solar/PV industry primarily relies on two types of wires. These wires are USE-2 (Underground Service Entrance rated for 90°C and wet applications) and UL 4703. USE-2 was the industry standard for quite some time, but as solar applications have grown in size the power generated required new products to handle increased size and voltage. The UL 4703 rated cable can handle over 1,000 volts.

Galaxy Capabilities for the Solar/PV Industry

With its expertise in the wire and cable industry, Galaxy is a leading supplier of solar/photovoltaic wire and cable.  Galaxy can assist when evaluating the design and layout of large scale solar field to the smaller scale residential design.  Galaxy is also a valued supplier of the interconnect cables used in the installation phase of solar project.  Typically, an installation company is running the cable and terminating in place.  The advantage that Galaxy can offer is in providing the necessary interconnect cables pre-made to established lengths.  This allows for a quick and easy installation of the solar panels.  Whether the requirement is a standard solar/photovoltaic wire or cable or an interconnect cable assembly, Galaxy can assist with the following:

  • USE-2
  • UL 4703
  • Solar Interconnect Cable Assemblies
  • Solar Pigtail Cable Assemblies

Wire and Cable Applications in the Solar/PV Industry

The different applications within the solar/photovoltaic industry include:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural

Types of Wire or Cable in the Solar/PV Industry

The types of wire or cable typically used in solar/PV applications include:

  • USE-2 (Underground Service Entrance Cable)
  • UL 4703
  • Photovoltaic Wire

Galaxy’s ISO 9001:2015 certification speaks to a strong commitment to quality, documentation, on-time delivery and continual improvement.

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