Commercial Wire & Cable

Commercial Wire & Cable

Galaxy is a leading supplier of commercial wire and cable and can provide various types of commercial wire or cable in a range of gauge sizes and configurations. Galaxy has low minimum order requirements and also offers engineering design services.

Commercial Wire & CableWhat is Commercial Wire & Cable?

Commercial wire and cable is also referred to as building or construction wire and cable typically used in the construction industry. Galaxy can help customers identify the best fit of available commercial wire or cable for each project. Galaxy can provide wire and cable that meets the correct standards required such as National Electrical Code (NEC), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

Common Types of Commercial Wire & Cable

  • THHN
  • TFFN
  • XHHW
  • USE or USE-2
  • Metal Clad Cables
  • Quick Pull

FAQs about Commercial Wire & Cable

What is the difference between THHN and TFFN?

THHN stands for Thermoplastic High Heat Resistant Nylon, while TFFN stands for Thermoplastic Flexible Fixture Wire Nylon. The main differences are that TFFN is only available in 16 AWG – 18 AWG, it has a lower heat resistance and is not good for wet applications.

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