Polyvinyl ChloridePolyvinyl Chloride, PVC Insulated/Jacketed Wire & Cable

Galaxy is a leading supplier of custom and stock Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) wires or cables. Galaxy can supply PVC wires and cables, both stock and custom, in various AWG sizes, voltage ratings, compounds, shielding constructions, and conductor counts.

What is Polyvinyl Chloride / PVC?

Polyvinyl Chloride, also referred to as PVC, is a thermoplastic material.  PVC is very versatile and is a widely known and used compound.  PVC has a good combination of characteristics that explain why it is so commonly used for wire insulation and  cable jacketing.  PVC is durable, UV resistant and exhibits good resistance to chemicals and water.

Features of Polyvinyl Chloride / PVC Wire or Cable

There are many reasons to use PVC insulation or jacketing for wires and cables. These include:

  • PVC is often the least expensive jacket and insulation material that has good performance, so PVC is a good choice when cost is a big consideration, particularly for larger quantities
  • PVC is also the most readily available wire/cable material. There is a strong supply of stock/off-the-shelf PVC wire/cable, including many Alpha wire equivalents and Belden equivalent cables
  • PVC can also be used for many custom wire and cable applications

Common types of PVC Wire or Cable

Technical Specifications PVC can be used as either an insulation or jacket material.
Nominal Temperature Ratings Fire Resistance Chemical Resistance UV Resistance Durability Flexibility
 -20°C to 105°C Good Good Excellent Good Good

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