Mil-Spec Wire

Mil-Spec Wire

Galaxy is a leading supplier of mil-spec wire and can provide various types of mil-spec wire in a wide range of gauge sizes and insulation materials. Galaxy has low minimum order requirements and offers engineering design services for military specification wire.

Mil-Spec WireWhat is Mil-Spec Wire?

Mil-spec wire is wire that has been designed to and meets specific standards set up by the US Department of Defense. These military specifications were created for the sole purpose of supporting military designs and applications. Typically, a mil-spec wire will be designated by having the letter “M” in front of a numeric code. Galaxy has the ability to help identify the best fit for any application or product that requires mil-spec wire.

Common Types of Mil-Spec Wire

  • Mil-W-22759
  • Mil-W-16878
  • Mil-W-81044
  • Mil-W-76B

FAQs about Mil-Spec Wire

Can you use Mil-Spec wire in place of UL Rated wire?

Typically a mil-spec wire cannot be used instead of a UL rated wire. If a UL wire is called for, usually there are specific requirements that only a UL wire will meet. There are many wires that carry a dual rating, although each standard may recognize different temperature or voltage limits.

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