Galaxy has supported the wire and cable needs of customers in the electronics industry for over 25 years.

Electronics Industry Wire and Cable

ElectronicsGalaxy has supported the wire and cable needs of customers in the electronics industry for over 25 years. A large segment of the electronics industry consists of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The electronics industry relies on using the correct wire or cable so that the end product will function as it was designed to function. Galaxy can provide OEMs in the electronics industry with the perfect wire and cable solutions. In particular, Galaxy is a leading custom wire harness manufacturer for use in electronic assemblies.

Galaxy Capabilities for the Electronics Industry

Galaxy aids electronics companies and their engineers in the selection of the correct wire or cable for any application. Whether the requirement is for a standard wire or cable or a custom designed product, Galaxy can assist with all types of wire or cable products. We consider a number of different factors when working with customers and assisting them in choosing the right cable for their product or application. Things to consider are the electrical voltage and power requirements needed, the environment the cable will be used, the signal requirements if used for communication purposes. Galaxy offers:

Wire and Cable Applications in the Electronics Industry

The electronics industry covers a broad range of different wire and cable applications such as:

  • Control Boxes
  • Measurement Devices
  • Consumer Products
  • Lighting
  • Power Supply

Types of Wire or Cable in the Electronics Industry

Many types of wire or cable are used in the electronics industry including:

Galaxy’s ISO 9001:2015 certification speaks to a strong commitment to quality, documentation, on-time delivery and continual improvement.

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