Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Multi-conductor cable assemblies with purple and blue connectors
Galaxy is a leading manufacturer of custom cable assemblies.  A cable assembly is a multi-conductor cable that has been cut to a specific length and terminated on one or both ends. Galaxy works with customers from the design and prototype phase of a project all the way through large production runs. Galaxy excels at custom cable assembly manufacturing, with a low minimum order requirements and engineering design services to help meet specific custom cable assembly needs.

The Galaxy Differentiator for Custom Cable Assemblies Manufacturing

Galaxy employs a highly skilled labor force trained to accurately assemble the most intricate cable assemblies and harnesses. Galaxy’s engineering staff is knowledgeable and consistently offers product improvement suggestions. At its core, Galaxy is a company that has extensive wire and cable expertise. That expertise allows Galaxy to look at a customer’s drawing or specification sheet and identify areas of significant cost savings with regards to wire or cable selection. Cable assembly, overbraid, with large black circular connectorsThat being said, everything that is manufactured at Galaxy is to customer specifications, but Galaxy may offer alternatives where appropriate. As a leading cable assemblies manufacturer, Galaxy takes pride in quality, delivery, price and communication with customers.

Cable Assembly Manufacturing Technical Capabilities

Galaxy has the benefit of having highly skilled manufacturing personnel on staff.  Combining that with state of the art automated equipment, Galaxy is able to offer a broad range of manufactured custom cable assemblies.  Whether a single wire terminated at both ends, or an assembly that consists of a 50 conductor cable terminated into a circular connector is needed, Galaxy has the expertise to manufacture virtually any cable assembly.  Galaxy’s Quality Department has the experience and testing equipment to perform both physical and electrical testing to ensure each cable assembly is manufactured correctly and functions as designed.
Multiconductor cable assemblies with brown connectors

Cable Assembly Markets Served by Galaxy

  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Transportation
  • Sensor
  • OEM
  • Communication
  • RF Signal
  • Solar/PV

FAQs about Cable Assemblies

Can Galaxy provide quality control test data for all of the cable assemblies that it produces?

Yes, Galaxy has a very robust Quality Control Department and can supply test reports for all of the cable assemblies that it manufactures.  Whether it is simply a continuity check or a more involved hi-pot test, a formal test report is available to customers.

Can Galaxy suggest alternate design suggestions for cable assemblies?

Yes, often times Galaxy will evaluate a customer’s requirements and offer cost effective alternatives with respect to the bill of materials and components, as well as to the physical or electrical design of the cable assembly.

Custom Cable Assembly with center square box and custom connectors

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