International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) Cable and Wire

Traffic Light with IMSA cable
Galaxy is a leading supplier of custom and stock wire and cable approved by the International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) and a proven leader in the supply of standard and custom IMSA cables. Galaxy can supply standard IMSA products and has the expertise to design and supply custom versions that meet IMSA specifications, with custom color codes, non-stock gauge sizes and composite/hybrid IMSA constructions.

What is IMSA Wire and Cable?

IMSA cables are used in public safety systems and their communications infrastructure to provide power and/or signal for the control of traffic and roadway signaling equipment, fire and public emergency alarm systems and other communication applications. IMSA cable are designed for outdoor installations and must have maximum resistance to moisture and the ability to perform in extreme environments. IMSA wire and cable must meet the standards and specifications published by the IMSA Wire & Cable Committee.

Applications for IMSA Cables

IMSA cable is used in a variety of applications in public safety systems, including:

  • Traffic Signal Cable
  • Loop Detection
  • Video Detection
  • Vehicle Detection
  • Emergency Detection
  • Communication

IMSA Standards and Galaxy Products

Galaxy can supply products that meet the following IMSA standards:

  • IMSA 19-1
  • IMSA 20-1
  • IMSA 50-2 Loop Lead In
  • IMSA 51-3 Loop Detector
  • IMSA 51-5 THHN Loop Detector
  • IMSA 51-7 XHHW Loop Detector
  • IMSA 19-6
  • IMSA 20-6
  • IMSA 39-2
  • IMSA 40-2
  • RG59/U Coax Camera Cable
  • Other IMSA products are also available

Galaxy Differentiators / Advantages for IMSA Wire and Cable

Galaxy provides wire and cable that meets IMSA specifications from stock allowing for quick turnaround time and measurable cost savings. Galaxy also designs custom IMSA wire and cable around specific performance needs, providing a cable for longer life, reduced down time and measureable cost reduction. Various shielding, insulation and jacketing materials are available to meet the IMSA specifications and application requirements.


Galaxy offers IMSA wire and cable with the following features:

  • PE, XLPE, PP, PVC, PVC/Nylon insulation types
  • PE, PVC jacketing materials
  • Solid or stranded conductors
  • Various shielding types
  • 300V or 600V

IMSA Wire and Cable Technical Specifications

Galaxy offers IMSA wire and cable in the following ranges of technical specifications:

  • Gauge: 22AWG through 12AWG
  • Voltage: 300V or 600V
  • Temperature: -40°C to 90°C

FAQs about IMSA Wire and Cable?

Can an IMSA cable be produced with a custom color-code?

Yes, Galaxy can offer any color code to help make installation easy.

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