Communication cablesShielding Options for Custom Wire & Cable

As a leading supplier of custom and stock wires and cables, Galaxy offers many different shielding options. Each wire/cable shield has different physical and electrical characteristics. Galaxy works with many customers to design and provide custom cable with the best shielding option for specific applications. 

Shielding Material List

Galaxy can assist with the selection of the following shield types:

  • Bare Copper Braid
  • Tinned Copper Braid
  • Silver Plated Copper Braid
  • Nickel Plated Copper Braid
  • High Strength Alloys Braid
  • Copper Clad Steel Braid
  • Stainless Steel Braid

Shielding Construction Options

  • Foil shielding consists of Mylar® or aluminum foil wrapped individual, pairs, or multiple wires. Foil shielding provides 100% coverage. A drain wire is commonly found with foil shields for grounding purposes.
  • Braid shielding is made from bare or a coated copper stranding woven into a shield surrounding the inner wires of a cable. Braid coverage is less than foil shielding and ranges from 60 – 95%.
  • Spiral wrap shielding is made when the shielding material is wrapped around the desired wires or core of a cable. Spiral wrap shielding provides both high flexibility and excellent coverage. However, it does not reach 100% in terms of overall coverage.
  • Shielding combinations are often used. The most common construction is a cable with a foil and braid shield; many coaxial cables use this combination of shielding.

Shielding Temperature Specifications

Recommended working temperatures:

Tin Plated Copper ShieldSilver plated Copper ShieldNickel Plated Copper Shield



What is the best shield option for flexibility?

A spiral/serve shield has excellent flexibility and a long flex life. The coverage is up to 97%.

Why use a combination shield (foil+braid)?

The combination shield provides 100% coverage and best protects across an entire frequency range. The foil + braid shield has high physical strength and is easy to terminate. This type of shielding is generally used in extremely noisy environments.

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