Shielding Construction Options

  • Foil shielding consists of Mylar® or aluminum foil wrapped individual, pairs, or multiple wires. Foil shielding provides 100% coverage. A drain wire is commonly found with foil shields for grounding purposes.
  • Braid shielding is made from bare or a coated copper stranding woven into a shield surrounding the inner wires of a cable. Braid coverage is less than foil shielding and ranges from 60 – 95%.
  • Spiral wrap shielding is made when the shielding material is wrapped around the desired wires or core of a cable. Spiral wrap shielding provides both high flexibility and excellent coverage. However, it does not reach 100% in terms of overall coverage.
  • Shielding combinations are often used. The most common construction is a cable with a foil and braid shield; many coaxial cables use this combination of shielding.

Shielding Temperature Specifications

Recommended working temperatures:

  • Tin Plated Copper Shield – 150°C
  • Silver plated Copper Shield – 200°C
  • Nickel Plated Copper Shield – 260°C