Enhancement Options for Custom Wire & Cable

Enhancement OptionsAs a leading supplier of custom and stock wires and cables, Galaxy offers many enhancement options. Aside from the main characteristics of a wire or cable, such as conductor, shielding, and insulation or jacket material, there are numerous enhancement options that should to be considered that will help ensure that the designed wire or cable will function as desired. Understanding the physical environment that a wire or cable will be exposed to is also critical in the design phase. 

Enhancement Options

There are many different enhancement options based upon the desired use and functionality of a wire or cable. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Strength Members are used when a wire or cable is needed to handle extreme tensile strength.  Examples of strength members include Aramid fibers such as Kevlar® and Nomex®.
  • Water Blocking is used when the desired wire or cable will be used in a wet or aquatic environment. Types of water blocking material are gels, paper or fillers.
  • Fillers such as polyester, polypropylene, or cotton are commonly added to the construction of cable to help achieve roundness.
  • Tubes or breather tubes are included in the construction of cables for specific uses. These uses include pressure sensitive readings and delivery of gas or liquid.


Can a strength member also be used electrically?

Yes, if the strength member chosen is a conductive material such as carbonized steel. Typically a strength member is chosen purely based upon mechanical strength and not electrical properties. 

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