M3432 / Military Power / CO Cable

Galaxy is a leading supplier of custom and stock Mil-C-3432 CO cables and military power cables.

Military Power Cable, CO Cable,  M3432/ Mil-C-3432 Cable

Military Power CableGalaxy is a leading supplier of custom and stock Mil-C-3432 CO cables and military power cables.  M3432, or CO Cable, is a broad military specification for portable power and control cable.  Galaxy can supply any number of configurations of CO cable.

What is Military Power Cable?

Military power cable is a specification of cables that can be customized for a specific application where harsh environment and military compliance is critical.  It is used for a wide range of applications, both electrical and electronic, and the cables are designed to hold up against physical abuse in a variety of applications.

Benefits of Military Power / CO Cable / M3432 Cable

The M3432 Cable specification encompasses any number of configurations that can be customized for a particular application.  There are a large number of choices for AWG sizes, shielding, conductor count, insulation and jacketing material, and OD sizes.  The configuration is determined based on the environment and application for which the cable will be used.

Military Power Applications

The specification is divided into classes that are determined by the application of the cable. These include:

  • Heavy duty – designed for the harshest of applications, including being run over by heavy vehicles and severe flexing and mechanical abuse over a long period of time. These cables are tough and able withstand continual impacts, weights, and manipulation and twisting.
  • Medium duty cables – a rugged cable that can be used in some of the same places as the heavy duty, except should not be run over. It is a lighter weight and ideal for light generals, hand-held tools, connection for portable power sources, and sound equipment.
  • Light duty cables – the lightest weight duty commonly used in airborne applications where weight is a concern. These cables are flexible and used also for small motor and generator leads.
Class DesignationDutyVolts (rms)

Features and Materials

The M3432 spec is further broken down by insulation type, conductor count, flexibility, shielding, and OD.

  • Insulation and Jacket – there are several thermoplastic and thermoset options, including TPE, Rubber, and Polyethylene, that range from -55°C to up to 90°C and resistance to oil, heat, and weather.
Class Designation 2nd LetterApplication
GGeneral purpose, med-low temp, -40C to 75C
OMed-low temp, oil resistant, -40C to 75C
LLow temp, heat resistant, -55C to 75C
DLow temp, oil and heat resistant, -55C to 75C
HLow temp, heat and weather resistant, -55C to 90C
BLow temp, oil and weather resistant, -55C to 80C
CLow temp, oil and heat resistant, -55C to 80C
KLow temp, oil, heat and weather resistant, -55C to 80C
NLow temp, oil and heat resistant, -55C to 90C
ELow temp, ozone, oil, weather and heat resistant, -65C to 90C
  • Shielding – conductors can be grouped and shielded in a multitude of configurations, with braid coverage being a minimum of 85%
  • Flexibility – there are three choices under this specification
SSemi Flexible
EExtra Flexible
  • AWG Sizes – 500MCM up to 24AWG

Part Number Examples:

  • M3432-03MDF(3/12)0500
    • 3C 12AWG unshielded cable with an OD of .500” – medium duty, 75°C oil and heat resistant jacket, flexible
  • M3432-06LHE(2/22X3)SJ0345
    • 6C (3 pairs) 22AWG with an overall braid shield and an OD of .345” – light duty, 90°C heat and weather resistant jacket, extra flexible

Galaxy Differentiators / Advantages for Military Power Cable

Galaxy can supply any configuration meeting the M3432 specification, with low minimum production quantities and competitive lead times.  Galaxy can assist in the design of the right M3432 cable for specific applications.  As these cables are used in situations which performance is critical, it is important to choose the best materials to build the cable.  Galaxy can design the M3432 cable that is perfect for the intended application.

FAQs about Military Power Cable

Is foil shielding acceptable per Mil-C-3432?

No, foil shields are not acceptable. Copper braid shields are always used within this milspec.

How are the insulation and jacket thicknesses determined?

Insulation thickness is driven by the size of the conductor, and the class of duty (see class designation table above). Jacket thickness is determined by the class of duty and the nominal diameter of the core before jacketing.

Terminology Notes

There are various terms used in the wire and cable industry related to this type of cable. They include:

  • CO Cable
  • M3432 Cable
  • Mil-C-3432 Cable
  • MIL-DTL-3432Cable

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