Lead Manufacturing

Not only does Galaxy support its customers’ wire harness and cable assembly needs, Galaxy has state of the art equipment to manufacture wire leads.

Wire Lead Manufacturing

Wire Lead ManufacturingNot only does Galaxy support its customers’ wire harness and cable assembly needs, Galaxy has state of the art equipment to manufacture wire leads. Wire leads are simply wire that has been cut to a specified length with the ends finished in a number of different ways. The ends of the wire can be stripped, tinned or terminated with connector pins, sockets, ring terminals, or quick disconnect terminals. Wire lead manufacturing can be very attractive to companies that would rather focus their time manufacturing a finished product rather than the sub-assemblies. Many companies are changing their old manufacturing techniques and upgrading them with computerized alternatives. Galaxy has low minimum order requirements and offers engineering design services to help meet many wire lead product needs.

The Galaxy Differentiator for Wire Lead Manufacturing

Komax Alpha 530The need for wire leads is very common. Utilizing Galaxy to manufacture wire leads can provide cost savings in many ways. First, Galaxy is a perfect fit for wire lead manufacturing due to our ability to supply bulk wire. There wouldn’t be a need to purchase wire from another source and send it to Galaxy – Galaxy can procure the wire and then manufacture the wire leads as required. This streamlined process saves valuable time and money. Second, Galaxy utilizes equipment from industry leaders to ensure the highest quality wire leads are manufactured. Having Galaxy manufacture terminated wire leads eliminates the need to purchase either hand tools or automated applicator tooling which can be very costly. Galaxy utilizes an Alpha 530 from Komax, so Galaxy can manufacture wire leads in fraction of the time it would take to produce them manually with either hand tools or crimping applicators. Using equipment like the Komax Alpha 530 allows Galaxy to automate the wire lead process and consistently manufacture high quality wire leads. Whether the leads need to be terminated, stripped or tinned, the use of this automated equipment is a distinct competitive advantage.

Contact Galaxy and provide the necessary specifications and required quantities to see the cost saving benefits of this wire lead manufacturing service.

Wire Leads Manufacturing Technical Capabilities

Komax Alpha 530 in actionGalaxy can provide wire leads with the following characteristics:

  • 0.05 – 6 mm² (AWG 30 – 10) wire or cable
  • Lengths can range from as little as 1″ through thousands of feet (depending on the wire or cable)
  • Contacts can be terminated with ring terminals, contact pins, contact sockets, quick disconnects, butt splices, spade terminals, wire ferrules, and more.

Galaxy can provide wire leads in the following combinations:

  • Blunt cut on both ends
  • Stripped on both ends
  • Stripped and tinned on both ends
  • Stripped and tinned on one end and terminated on one end
  • Terminated on both ends

If requirements seem to fall outside of the characteristics listed above, please contact Galaxy for assistance.

Quality Control Processes at Galaxy Wire & Cable

Galaxy Wire & Cable ensures the highest quality design and construction throughout its entire process via rigorous and thorough quality control (QC) processes. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Galaxy’s QC process from start to finish, including wire leads manufacturing.

FAQs about Wire Lead Manufacturing

Can Galaxy provide wire leads with partial stripping?

Yes, Galaxy has the capability to partial strip wires in different locations throughout the length of the wire.

Can Galaxy label each wire lead?

Yes, this is often done. Other special requirements may also be able to be accommodated, and if not, Galaxy will communicate that quickly.

Can Galaxy manufacture wire leads and package them as kits?

Yes, customers often request that their wire leads be kitted in a particular way so that when they receive them they can be put directly into their manufacturing department and used right away.

How does Galaxy perform quality checks on the wire leads?

Galaxy has skilled quality personnel that are certified in wire inspection, IPC/WHMA-A-620. Galaxy has the knowledge and test equipment to ensure that customer specifications are being 100% met.

Contact Galaxy Wire & Cable for Wire Leads

Contact Galaxy for further assistance with wire lead manufacturing.