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Galaxy is a leading manufacturer of custom electronic wire harnesses. Electronic wire harness or wiring harness are the common terms used to describe the use of multiple single conductor wires routed and combined in a particular pattern or arrangement to provide either power, signal or both to a finished product. Often electronic wire harnesses are found in control boxes, control panels, and inside the electrical components of a finished product. Electronic wire harnesses can be simple point to point connections to complex designs with numerous branches. Utilizing its expertise in electronic wire harness manufacturing, Galaxy works with customers from the design and prototype phase of a project all the way through large production runs. Galaxy excels at custom wire harness manufacturing, with low minimum order requirements and engineering design services to help meet specific electronic wire harness manufacturing needs.


The Galaxy Differentiator for Electronic Wiring Harness Manufacturing

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What sets Galaxy apart from other wire harness manufacturers is the experience and expertise to support customers wire harnessing designs and production requirements. Galaxy utilizes state of the art techniques, tools and processes to ensure that wiring harnesses are manufactured with the highest quality possible. Galaxy employs a highly skilled labor force trained to accurately assemble the most intricate interconnect cable assemblies and wire harnesses. Aside from the physical production of the wire harness, Galaxy’s engineering staff is extremely knowledgeable and quite often can recommend product improvements or cost reductions without sacrificing functionality of the finished product. While cost saving alternative options may be offered, Galaxy never deviates from customers specifications and drawings. Galaxy prides itself on quality, delivery, price and communication with customers, with the goal of delivering the highest quality product on-time to customers.


Electronic Wire Harness Manufacturing Technical Capabilities

Galaxy has highly skilled manufacturing personnel on staff. Quality and cost savings are ensured based on Galaxy’s extensive experience in electronic wire harness manufacturing. When Galaxy manufactures electronic wire harnesses, a 100% visual and electrical inspection in performed. Galaxy’s Quality Control Department has the experience and testing equipment to perform both physical and electrical testing to ensure each product is manufactured correctly and functions as designed. Utilizing state of the art testing equipment, Galaxy can also provide test reports for every electronic wire harness that is manufactured. Galaxy has built wire harnesses for the aviation market that had over 1,000 test points to confirm. Galaxy’s Quality Control Department personnel are certified to IPC/WHMA-A-620 Requirements and Acceptance for Cable/Wire Harness Assemblies. Galaxy’s trained and certified personnel are able to manufacture to IPC/WHMA-A-620 Class 1, 2 and 3.


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Wiring Harness Markets

Note: Galaxy is a business-to-business electronic wire harness manufacturer and supplier, and does not supply wire harnesses to consumers or hobbyists.


FAQs about Electronic Wire Harnesses


Can Galaxy manufacture an electronic wire harness if there is no product drawing or design specification available?

Yes, Galaxy has the ability to re-produce an electronic wire harness without a drawing or design specification. Galaxy can reverse engineer an electronic wire harness product and provide a detailed list of components, dimensions and other pertinent information.  Galaxy can also work with customers to design and engineer harnesses from conception.


Is there an industry standard referenced in the construction of electronic wire harnesses?

Yes, in the absence of a customer’s specific requirements and specifications, the industry standard that Galaxy refers to for quality control would be IPC/WHMA-A-620B.  This standard pertains to cable and wire harness fabrication and installation.


How does Galaxy accurately test the wire harnesses that is manufactures?

Every electronic wire harness is visually inspected to check for physical dimensions, labels, workmanship and of course electrical properties. Galaxy will run continuity tests and hipots test when requested on 100% of the harnesses manufactured. Galaxy typically builds a wire harness mate to make sure when an electrical test is performed the wire harness matches exactly what the customer has specified on their drawing.


Can Galaxy reverse engineer a wire harness?

Yes. An original or sample harness would be needed to accurately reverse engineer a wire harness.


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