Shipboard VFD Cable, Marine Variable Frequency Drive Cable for Naval/Maritime Use

Galaxy provides shipboard VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) cables to a marine markets including naval operations and commercial shipping enterprises.
Shipboard Type X VFD Cable

What is a Shipboard VFD Cable?

Shipboard VFD cables are designed for use in commercial marine vessels, workboats, pump stations and motor drives. Galaxy Shipboard VFD cables are rated 600V/1KV. These cables are specifically designed for variable frequency AC motor drives per UL Listed Marine Shipboard Cable Standard 1309 Type X. This cable is also UL listed Type TC-ER per UL 1277, classified as per IEEE 1580-2010, UL Standard 2277 for flexible motor supply. Galaxy marine VFD cables have resistance to oil, abrasion, moisture and sunlight.


Shipboard VFD Cable Specifications

Galaxy’s Shipboard VFD cables are manufactured using tinned copper Class K conductors with XLPE insulation, XLPE insulated tinned copper grounds, an aluminum/mylar and 90% tinned copper braid dual shield and an overall PVC jacket. They are approved for use in SUN RES. OIL RES I & II, FT-4 and 90°C applications.


Standards for Galaxy Industrial VFD Cable

Galaxy provides many types of Industrial VFD cables. The standards they conform to can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Suitable for Class I Division II Hazardous Locations
  • UL Listed as Type TC-ER per UL 1277 Tray Cables
  • UL Listed Marine Shipboard Cable per UL 1309
  • Classified in accordance with IEEE 1580-2010
  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Approved
  • Suitable for United States Coast Guard (USCG) Certified vessels
  • UL Listed as Flexible Motor Supply Cables per UL Standard 2277
  • UL Approved for Sunlight Resistant, Direct Burial, and Oil Resistant I applications
  • Cable meets IEEE 1202 (FT-4)
  • All Materials Used in the Manufacture of this Cable are RoHS II and REACH Compliant
  • Made in the USA


Marine Shipboard VFD Cable Technical Specifications

Galaxy offers variable frequency drive cables for marine and shipboard use in the following ranges of technical specifications:

Shipboard VFD Cable Diagram


Shipboard Type X 600V/1KV XLPE/PVC


AWG# of Tinned
# of Tinned
Amp Rating
1816 x 30 AWG0.0303 x 18 AWG1270.43811
1626 x 30 AWG0.0303 x 16 AWG1590.48015
1441 x 30 AWG0.0303 x 18 AWG1730.49024
1265 x 30 AWG0.0303 x 16 AWG2430.57029
10105 x 30 AWG0.0303 x 14 AWG3180.62038
8168 x 30 AWG0.0453 x 14 AWG4470.73048
6266 x 30 AWG0.0453 x 12 AWG6040.82065
4413 x 30 AWG0.0453 x 10 AWG8620.94583
2665 x 30 AWG0.0453 x 10 AWG1,2761.130111
1840 x 30 AWG0.0553 x 10 AWG1,4691.220131
1/01064 x 30 AWG0.0553 x 10 AWG1,7581.370150
2/01330 x 30 AWG0.0553 x 8 AWG2,0391.426173
3/01672 x 30 AWG0.0553 x 8 AWG2,5701.600201
4/02109 x 30 AWG0.0553 x 8 AWG3,1191.750232


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