PUR / Polyurethane

Galaxy is a leading supplier of custom and stock polyurethane (PUR) wires or cables to meet exact customer specifications.

Polyurethane, PUR Insulated/Jacketed Wire & Cable

Galaxy is a leading supplier of custom and stock polyurethane (PUR) wires or cables to meet exact customer specifications. Galaxy can supply PUR wires and cables, both stock and custom, in various AWG sizes, conductor counts, voltage ratings, compounds, enhancements and shielding constructions. Standard voltage options are commonly 300V or 600V; however, custom constructions can be designed to meet specific voltage requirements. Custom coil cords and retractile cords can be supplied with a polyurethane jacket.

Polyurethane Supply & Substitutions

As of mid-2022, polyurethane is in critical short supply for the foreseeable future. Galaxy is often able to suggest alternative compounds that are suitable for specific applications. Contact Galaxy for assistance.

What is Polyurethane / PUR?

Polyurethane, also referred to as PUR, PU, and TPU, is a thermoplastic material used in wire and cable construction. Polyurethane is often utilized as a jacketing material for harsh environments as it has excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance. It is not typically used for insulation as it has poor electrical properties. Polyurethane is UV resistant, water resistant and has a wide temperature range, making it a popular choice for outdoor applications. Polyurethane is a highly flexible compound and is typically found as a jacketing material in continuous flex applications. PUR is used as a jacketing material for retractile cords as it displays outstanding memory qualities. There are a wide variety of polyurethane compounds available, and many are halogen-free. A drawback of polyurethane is that it is highly flammable; however, there are flame-retardant versions available.

Common types of Polyurethane Wire or Cable

  • Military Industry
  • Communications Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry

Technical Specifications Polyurethane can be used as either an insulation or jacket material.

Nominal Temperature RatingsFire ResistanceChemical ResistanceUV ResistanceDurabilityFlexibility
-55°C to 80°CPoorExcellentGoodExcellentExcellent

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