Cross-linked Polyethylene, XLPE Insulated/Jacketed Wire & Cable

XLPE / Cross-Linked PolyethyleneGalaxy is a leading supplier of custom and stock Cross-linked Polyethylene( XLPE)  wires or cables. Galaxy can supply XLPE wires and cables, both stock and custom, in various AWG sizes, voltage ratings, compounds, shielding constructions, and conductor counts.

What is Cross-linked Polyethylene / XLPE?

Cross-linked Polyethylene, also referred to as XLPE, is a form of insulation that is created through both heat and high pressure.  One method of creating XLPE insulation is by irradiating the compound.  An alternative method is using peroxide to chemically cross-link the compound.  The most important attribute of XLPE is the electrical properties it exhibits.  A cable with XLPE insulation is able to carry large currents and high voltages.  The common application for XLPE is in medium to high voltage applications.  The physical and electrical characteristics of XLPE make it a good choice for use in industrial settings.

Common Types of XLPE Wire or Cable

  • Building Wire (XHHW)
  • Automotive Wire (GXL)
  • Power Cables
  • Control Cables
  • Direct Burial Cables
Technical Specifications XLPE can be used as either an insulation or jacket material.
Nominal Temperature Ratings Fire Resistance Chemical Resistance UV Resistance Durability Flexibility
 -40°C to 105°C Good Excellent Good Good Good

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