Galaxy is a leading supplier of wire and cable to the sensor industry.

Sensor Industry Wire and Cable

Sensor Industry CableGalaxy is a leading supplier of wire and cable to the sensor industry, which is growing rapidly due to new technologies constantly being developed.  The sensor industry covers products from pressure sensors, gauges, transmitters, probes and many other sensing products.  Sensors are being used now in virtually every facet of everyday life and the markets for sensors are widespread because of that.  Sensors are also used in commercial applications, industrial applications, scientific applications, medical applications, military applications, aerospace applications, and driverless cars / autonomous vehicles.

Galaxy Capabilities for the Sensor Industry

As innovation drives the sensor industry, the need for the services of a company such as Galaxy is even greater, with its extensive knowledge and experience in the sensor industry’s products. Most important is Galaxy’s ability to help design a completely custom wire or cable for any application. If the need extends from the bulk wire and cable to wire harnessing and cable assembly, Galaxy has full production capabilities to meet those needs. Galaxy can also offer engineering and design services at all levels for sensor cables.

Whether the requirement is a standard wire or cable or a custom designed product, Galaxy can assist with the following:

  • UL Rated Wire or Cable
  • Mil Spec Wire or Cable
  • Coaxial/RF Signal Assemblies
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Wire Harnesses

Wire and Cable Applications in the Sensor Industry

The sensor industry covers a broad range of uses, and the different applications include:

Types of Wire or Cable in the Sensor Industry

Many types of wire or cable are used in the sensor industry.  These types include:

  • Coaxial Cable (Mil-C-17)
  • Mil-Spec Wires and Cables
  • UL Rated Wires and Cables
  • High Temperature Wires and Cables
  • Extreme Environment Wires and Cables

Galaxy’s ISO 9001:2015 certification speaks to a strong commitment to quality, documentation, on-time delivery and continual improvement.

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