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Sensor Cables in Driverless Cars / Autonomous Vehicles

Sensors in Driverless Cars/Autonomous VehiclesOne application for sensor-based technologies that has taken off very rapidly is in driverless cars, also called autonomous vehicles. According to a recent article in Automotive News about wiring in the autonomous age, “With the advent of connected cars, advanced safety systems and autonomous driving, demand for wiring is set to explode.” And while wireless technologies might be ready for driverless cars sometime in the future, “it is much more difficult to transmit power wirelessly from the vehicle’s battery to other components; wires are still optimal.”

Galaxy is an active supplier to the autonomous vehicle market, offering the sensor cables, custom cable assemblies and electronic wire harnesses that are needed for driverless cars. In particular, Galaxy is rapidly expanding its core competency in developing wire and cable solutions for the sensor industry.

Whether it’s working with a customer to design a brand-new cable or redesigning an existing cable to function as needed to meet the ever-changing technology, Galaxy’s engineering team has the needed expertise. Galaxy has proven its ability to provide wire or cable to the sensor market that supports electrical, mechanical and durability requirements all while keeping costs under control.

Even if the sensor wire or cable is performing as it should, Galaxy’s engineering staff can investigate to see if there are any opportunities for improvement with regards to either functionality and/or cost. Your expertise lies with your product(s), while ours lies with wire and cable.

For a variety of sensor cable needs, contact an experienced sales engineer at Galaxy Wire & Cable today.