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Custom Cable Solution for Amusement Park Attraction Case Study

Big lighted ball at amusement parkGalaxy is a leader in custom wire and cable design and demonstrated that recently with a custom cable for a well-known amusement park. When an existing customer needed assistance with designing a cable for one of their most iconic attractions, Galaxy was eager and able to help. This customer is one of the world’s largest theme parks and has locations worldwide. The entire attraction needed to be updated with the latest technology and needed a cable solution to help make it happen. The complexity of the project along with the enormous volume of cable required was quite a challenge. The customer provided Galaxy with both the physical and electrical requirements that were essential for the cable. Then the team at Galaxy quickly went to work. Collaborating with the customer’s design team, Galaxy’s engineers were able to develop a product that exceeded the customer’s expectations.

Upon completion of the design, the cable was manufactured and delivered in time for installation. The entire order totaled over half a million feet of cable. With the delivery complete, the customer was able to finish their installation in time for an important anniversary unveiling.

This is yet another example of Galaxy working with its customers providing a solution that wasn’t available in the marketplace. For help with any custom wire or cable need, please contact Galaxy and use the expertise of Galaxy’s Sales Engineers – they are ready for the challenge!