Wire & Cable Insulation & Jacket Materials

Galaxy is a leading manufacturer and supplier of stock and custom wire and cable with a wide variety of material choices for the jacket and insulation.

Insulation / Jacket TypeNominal Temperature RatingsFire ResistanceChemical ResistanceUV ResistanceDurabilityFlexibilityInsulation (I) and/or Jacket (J) Material
CPE / Chlorinated Polyethylene -20°C to 105°C EEEEFI & J
EPDM / Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer -55°C to 125°C PPEGEI & J
ETFE / Ethylene Tetrafluroroethylene -100°C to 150°C GEEEEI & J
FEP / Fluorinated Ethylene -80°C to 200°C EEEGFI & J
Foamed FEP -70°C to 200°C EEEGFI only
Foamed PFA -100°C to 260°C EEGEGI only
Foamed PE -60°C to 80°C PFEGGI only
Foamed TPE -50°C to 105°C EFEGFI only
Halar® -70°C to 150°C EEEEFI & J
HDPE &LDPE (High Density Polyethylene & Low Density Polyethylene) -50°C to 80°C PGEGGI & J
Hytrel® -70°C to 125°C GGGGGI & J
mPPE / Modified Polyphenylene -40°C to 105°C GGEGFI only
Neoprene -20°C to 90°C GGGGFI & J
PE / Polyethylene -60°C to 80°C PFEGFI only
PFA / Perfluoroalkoxy -200°C to 260°C EEGEGI & J
PFE / Perfluoroelastomer -60°C to 200°C FGFFFI & J
PP / Polypropylene -40°C to 105°C PEEFPI only
PTFE / Teflon® / Polytetrafluoroethylene -60°C to 200°C EEEGGI only
PUR / Polyurethane -55°C to 80°C PEGEEI & J
PVC / Polyvinyl Chloride -20°C to 105°C GGEGGI & J
Silicone -80°C to 180°C GFEFEI & J
Tefzel® -70°C to 150°C EEGGGI & J
TFE / Tetrafluoroethylene -70°C to 260°C EEEFFI & J
TPE / Thermoplastic Elastomer -50°C to 105°C EFEGGI & J
TPR / Thermoplastic Rubber -40°C to 90°C FGGGEI & J
XLPE / Cross-Linked Polyethylene -40°C to 105°C GEGGGI & J
XLPO / Cross-Linked Polyolefin -40°C to 105°C EGEGFI & J
E = Excellent
G = Good
F = Fair
P = Poor

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Halar® is a registered trademark of Solvay
Hytrel®, Teflon® and Tefzel® are a registered trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.