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Customer Testimonials for Galaxy Wire & Cable

Customer service team at Galaxy Wire & Cable

Customer service team at Galaxy Wire & Cable

Galaxy Wire & Cable has built a strong reputation as a customer service-oriented manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses, and a reliable supplier for custom cable and wire to a variety of industries. In addition to strong customer service, Galaxy is typically able to offer competitive pricing because of its experience and expertise in materials, application requirements, and industry resources.

Dean D.
Industry: Recreation Equipment
Our partnership with Galaxy began a very long time ago. So long, in fact, that when we began, I had no gray hair and a lot more of it! We are grateful for everyone at Galaxy, and more than happy with the way Galaxy has worked with us through supply difficulties, design changes, etc. I don’t think we ever would have reached this point in our business without Galaxy’s diligence.

Cindy S.
Industry: Industrial, Electronics, or Electronic Equipment
The staff at Galaxy is a pleasure to do business with. Product quality is good – delivery is good, and if a date is going to be missed you are proactive about letting us know which is appreciated. Prompt, professional and proactive, Galaxy is one of my best suppliers!

Diana B.
Industry: Transportation
I truly enjoy working with everyone at Galaxy. I have high regards for your company and love that you strive to meet our expectations, so thank you! I truly am happy with the service I get from everyone at Galaxy. I feel like I am important whenever I call or email and am treated with extra courtesy every time. I would rate Galaxy a 10/10.

The sales department is very responsive; I can always count on getting answers to any question or quote in a quick manner. Galaxy has held excellent quality through all of our orders. If there has ever been any issue, they are always ready and willing to fix it. With the current times what they are and sourcing material being an issue with all vendors, Galaxy has done their best to deliver on time as they can. They have exceeded our needs and always try to keep us with material.

Bonnie B.
Industry: Power and Communications Industry
Outstanding communication is the key ingredient to a good supplier/customer relationship. Your team is a pleasure to work with and always goes the extra mile for us. Compared to competitors, your pricing is very competitive and your quality is outstanding which is why you have most of our cable orders. Galaxy has very good lead time knowledge and often can help us out by shuffling if we need something sooner. You’re always asking what else you can do to help, often coming up with ways to get around parts shortages.

Jenny H.
Industry: Medical Equipment
Galaxy has been an excellent provider throughout the years. Would highly recommend.

Toye W.
Industry: Sensors
Our company always receives outstanding customer service from all Galaxy employees! You all are truly great people to work with! Shipments are always on time and documentation is always provided. I could not be more pleased with the responsiveness and support I get from Galaxy. We appreciate you!

June T.
Industry: Industrial/Electronics Equipment
We greatly appreciate how Galaxy does so much to accommodate our requests to expedite orders. The entire team has always been professional and friendly. I would certainly recommend Galaxy Wire & Cable above all the other harness vendors I work with.

Chris O.
Industry: Industrial Equipment
Thank you for always going the extra mile when we need help. We appreciate the staff at Galaxy and look forward to our continued partnership.

Destiny P.
Industry: Law Enforcement Equipment
When it comes to customer service and response time, I rarely ever have to follow up on a request. Galaxy is quick to respond to any questions and concerns that I have and are willing and eager to take corrective action when needed. Galaxy is one of my most reliable vendors, with great price and quality!

Jacque S.
Industry: Communications
Galaxy’s Customer Service team is outstanding to work with – efficient, responsive, and pleasant. They deliver my confirmations in a timely manner. Galaxy’s pricing is very fair and competitive, that’s why I keep coming back. For on time delivery, they’re outstanding. I never worry about a shipment not arriving on time. I couldn’t ask for more in this aspect of our relationship. Galaxy meets every need I expect from a vendor – pricing and on time delivery is key to a happy customer. I think relationships play a part as well and I feel we most definitely have that. I enjoy everyone I come into contact with. They are helpful and understanding when I need to make something happen. A prime example is a time we were in a line down situation, and they came through for us. I couldn’t have asked for better. Galaxy does a great job for us and I feel fortunate to have a vendor that provides the level of service they do.


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