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Automation Cable and VFD Cable

Galaxy now offers a variety of industrial automation cables and variable frequency drive (VFD) cables. Industrial automation cable is used with factory automation, automated warehouses, and robotics. Industrial VFD cable is used in applications that include nuclear power, off shore oil & gas, factory automation, power generation, solar and wind. Marine / shipboard VFD cable is, of course, made for naval/maritime use.

Fieldbus CableIndustrial Automation Cable

Designed to carry two-way signals and allow communication with automation equipment, industrial automation cables are used to control automated equipment and can be designed and made to meet many industry standards such as IEC, UL and CSA. Some types include:

  • Probifus® – DP/PA
  • Fieldbus®
  • DeviceNet™
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Cable

Classic Symmetrical VFD CableIndustrial VFD Cable

Designed to carry power for variable frequency AC drive systems, Galaxy’s industrial variable frequency drive (VFD) cables can support the high power levels of the pulse-width modulated (PWM) signals and are built for high performance and demanding applications. Industrial VFD cables can be designed and made to meet many industry standards such as UL and IEEE. Some types include:

  • Foil/Braid VFD Cable with Full-Size Insulated Ground
  • Classic Symmetrical VFD Cable
  • Foil/Braid VFD Cable with Signal Pair
  • Shipboard Type X VFD Cable

Shipboard Type X VFD CableMarine Shipboard VFD Cable

Carrying power for variable frequency AC drive systems, Galaxy’s marine / shipboard VFD (variable frequency drive) cables are used in commercial marine vessels, work boats, pump stations and motor drives. They are rated 600V/1KV and are designed and made to meet industry standards, including UL Listed Marine Shipboard Cable Standard 1309 Type X. Features of Galaxy’s Shipboard Type X 600V/1KV XLPE/PVC cable include:

  • PVC Outer Jacket
  • 90% TC Braid Shielding
  • Aluminum / Mylar Tape Shielding
  • XPLE Insulation
  • Tinned Copper Conductors
  • XLPE Insulated TC Grounds

For many industrial automation cable needs, contact an experienced sales engineer at Galaxy Wire & Cable today.