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Belden Plenum FEP Equivalent Cable

Belden equivalent plenum FEP cableGalaxy Wire & Cable is now stocking equivalents to Belden plenum FEP cable. Belden plenum FEP cables are UL approved cables (Type CL2P, CMP) designed specifically to be installed in plenum spaces of commercial buildings where a high temperature rating is a requirement. Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) is rated to 200°C per UL. Some constructions are available with E-CTFE (Halar) outer jackets rated to 150°C per UL. FEP and E-CTFE plenum cables provide better chemical resistance than PVC plenum cables. Plenum cables can be used in riser applications, but riser cables cannot be used in plenum spaces.

The benefit of the using Belden brand cable is that it is typically stocked. Galaxy can supply the Belden brand at a competitive price with a quick turn-around. The downfall, however, is that usually there is a premium for the cable being readily available with the Belden brand name.

Generally speaking, cost-saving equivalents to the Belden brand are made to order with a 4-5 week lead time or longer in some circumstances. Galaxy is now stocking exact Belden equivalent cable with various constructions at a much more favorable cost. Available items are typically stocked on 1,000 ft spools and can be cut to length, depending on the item. Items that are not in stock can still be turned around in the 4-5 week range although certain constructions have a shorter turn-around. Contact Galaxy to verify.

Galaxy can also help design custom FEP and E-CTFE plenum cables. Custom designs may be required for a variety of reasons such as: alternate color code, alternate jacket color, higher strand count, extra conductors, composite constructions (different gauge sizes under the same jacket), alternate shielding requirements, and other features as needed for aspecific application.

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