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Cable Assembly Solutions

Police car with lightbarAssisting customers in the design and manufacture of custom wire and cable is what Galaxy Wire & Cable was founded on and continues to be our main focus and strongest competitive advantage. We often work with customers to supply their cable assembly requirements and help solve design and engineering problems. We’ve worked with customers during the initial design phase when everything was just a concept and drawn on a cocktail napkin. And we have helped take our customers from an idea all the way through the prototype phase through product implementation on a large scale.

Cable Assembly Case Study
One example of how we worked with occurred recently where a customer was designing an entirely new product line. This customer manufactures equipment for the law enforcement industry. Their new product line is revolutionizing how video is used to capture and record vital information for law enforcement. Having worked with Galaxy in the past, this customer sought Galaxy’s assistance with the wire and cable requirements needed for this project.

In this case, our customer needed custom cable, and they were also looking for help with the cable connections and cable assemblies for their project. We collaborated with our customer on all of the key details of the project: electrical requirements, environmental requirements, and physical demands that would be put on the product. Upon completion of the entire electrical system that would transmit power, signal and video, Galaxy provided working cable assembly prototypes for testing purposes. As is the case in many product launches, changes were made to improve both performance and reliability. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with our customers and this was a key aspect in the entire process.

The customer is now supplying the law enforcement community with a great product and Galaxy played a key role in the product development and launch. These cable assemblies ultimately exceeded customer expectations and allowed their end product to function as it was designed to perform.

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If you are considering a new source for cable assemblies, you will find that Galaxy is a trusted partner that will work collaboratively with you to develop and manufacture custom cable assemblies for your specific applications. Contact Galaxy today to get started.