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Composite Cable Solution for Military Application

Military Communications Cable ApplicationCustom cable solutions are one of our core competencies at Galaxy. Our history of working with engineers to solve problems and create solutions for their product needs is strong in the wire and cable industry. There isn’t much that we haven’t seen after helping companies for the past 20 years.

The Problem
One example of solving a problem for a customer came when an engineer reached out to us because help was needed in designing a coaxial cable to be used in a harsh environment. The cable was to be part of a portable communications system for military personnel. Since the cable was going to be used in many different environments there was concern about choosing the proper cable jacket to withstand both heat and cold. After discussing various compounds, it was also specified that the cable would be drug along the ground, so the jacket material had to be extremely durable as well. While the environmental and physical demands were a major concern, the electrical properties could not be compromised by the jacket and overall construction of the cable. After collaborating on a number of different options we were able to supply our customer with some samples for electrical and physical testing. When the results came back, a working sample was chosen.

But prior to manufacturing the cable our customer asked if we could help with a few of the other cables used in this project. Along with the coaxial cable, they were using four other cables with this communication system. These cables were used for power and data signal. The problem they had was that they were putting all of these cables through a flexible mesh product for cable organization. Dirt and sand were getting into the mesh, and the overall cable system was too heavy. The communication system needed to be physically carried by military personnel, so weight was a problem.

The Solution
Our suggestion was simple – combine all of the cables into one overall cable under one jacket. The end product would consist of the custom coaxial cable and four other cables – a composite cable with all the cables bundled in a single jacket. The customer agreed that this was a great solution as it eliminated the flexible mesh and more importantly cut down on the weight significantly, while the electrical properties were not compromised. After manufacturing a prototype cable, the customer reported that testing went better than expected and it was approved for use. This composite cable went into production and is in use now.

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This case study demonstrates that Galaxy is works collaboratively with customers to develop and manufacture custom composite/hybrid cable for unusual or extreme environment cable applications. Contact Galaxy today for your composite cable product.