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Custom Traffic Camera Cable – Customer Testimonial

Custom Camera Cable from GalaxyGalaxy has been helping customers solve problems for over 20 years – the ability to understand customer’s requirements and come up with a solution that works for their custom cable product and design is a key differentiator. We work collaboratively with our customers to find out specifically what issues they are having with their current wire or cable needs. During the design phase, we also pay close attention to cost. Typically the two most important factors for a wire or cable are the product functioning as desired and cost.

We recently worked with a technician at a Department of Transportation (DOT) in a western state that had been running three separate cables to install traffic cameras. The cables being used were standard, off the shelf products. One of the cables did not have the proper color code and was causing problems for the electricians. The DOT technician contacted Galaxy to ask if there was a solution that would make installation easier and lower the overall cost. Here is his testimonial on how Galaxy was able to help:

We had been using 3 different cables to install a camera at the DOT. I was looking for a different option for doing this and to be able to save some money in the process. I was looking into wire companies and found Galaxy Wire & Cable online. The person I was put in contact with was Duane. I explained to him what I was looking for and the idea of having just one cable to pull in. The great people at Galaxy Wire were able to make us a custom cable to do what we needed and was able to save us 57 cents a foot on the new combination cable. Just want to thank you all at Galaxy Wire for all your help. -Justin

Not only were we able to provide a design solution for a custom cable that improved the installation process, we also provided a significant cost savings to the customer. This is just one example of how Galaxy can help solve any issue you are facing with the wire/cable you are using. When you contact Galaxy Wire & Cable with your requirement, you will reach a knowledgeable sales engineer who can help design a cable that best suits your application. In this case, we were able to draw on experience with custom IMSA cable and traffic signal cable to devise a custom cable solution for these traffic camera cables. From simple solutions like offering cost-saving equivalents, to designing a custom cable from scratch, no problem is too tough for Galaxy. Providing custom cable construction is what we do best!

Contact a sales engineer at Galaxy Wire & Cable today or use the Custom Cable Quote Form for assistance with custom wire and cable.