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Sewer Inspection / Downhole Camera Cable Case Study

Sewer inspection camera cable - endA prospective customer contacted Galaxy about a camera cable used in manholes and sewer lines. This sewer inspection cable had a fiberglass rod center for stiffness, and a polypropylene jacket surrounding the camera wires. The jacket was getting pinholes from use in rough conditions, causing the cable to fail. They sent a sample of the old cable that was failing to Galaxy.

Galaxy was able to help diagnose the problem and recommend a better jacket material – high density polyethylene (HDPE) – for this sewer inspection camera cable application. HDPE was selected because of its higher strength-to-density ratio. A 1,000 foot prototype was provided and the customer tested it in the field. The new HDPE jacket proved to be more durable and solved the problem, so the customer moved forward with a large order to replace all their sewer inspection camera cables with the new cables from Galaxy.

Pipe inspection camera cable - openSince this cable is a combination of multiple cables of different types in a bundle with an overall jacket, where the components perform different functions within the cable, this type of downhole camera cable could also be referred to as a hybrid cable. Because of the fiberglass rod in the center for stability, it also could be called a fiberglass rod cable or pushrod cable for camera/video use.

If a cable currently being used is under-performing in a pipe/sewer inspection cable application or a downhole/submersible cable application, Galaxy can provide expert assistance to make changes that improve the cable in tough conditions. Please contact Galaxy for assistance.