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Downhole Submersible Pump Cable – Improving Cost and Lead Time

Oil rig with pipes from bottom to top viewGalaxy has the ability to drastically reduce the both the cost and lead time for downhole submersible pump cable, specifically cables that require an armored layer for protection. These types of cables are used in the oil and gas / energy industries and are subject to extreme temperatures and harsh environments, including oil drilling rigs. The need for a cable to withstand these environments and perform as required leads to the design of custom designed cables.  Not only does Galaxy have extensive expertise in the design of custom cable, but now has the ability to assist in the design and manufacture of cables for the down hole and oil drilling industries.

The typical process of manufacturing cables for these specific downhole and oil drilling environments starts with the requirements needed and for which application the cable will be used. After taking into account temperature requirements, electrical properties, physical environment and external stresses, the cable construction can be determined. The next step is the manufacture of the cable. Typically, this would include having the cable built which includes inner conductors, fillers, shielding and an outer jacket. Next, the cable would leave the cable manufacturer and be sent to another source that would then armor the cable by welding some form of steel or metal alloy over the cable. This armored cable would then be shipped back to the cable manufacture so that an overall jacket can be extruded over the metal alloy. The reason for extruding a jacket compound over the armored covering is so that connectors can be over-molded to the cable.  The over mold compounds do not adhere to metal alloy.

Submersible cable / downhole cableAll of this back and forth from one manufacturer to the next increases cost and time to produce the end product. Galaxy has the ability to limit this back and forth by having the complete cable manufactured in one location, thereby drastically reducing cost and lead time. If you have a need for downhole submersible pump cable, contact Galaxy or call 215-957-8714 to speak with one of our Sales Engineers.