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Finding the Right Multi-Conductor Cable

Multiconductor cableAt Galaxy there are daily requests for multi-conductor cable, or as it is called in Europe, multi-core cable. Multi-conductor cable is a cable product that consists of more than one wire or conductor. The wires are grouped together and then have a jacket extruded over them, making them a cable. Multi-conductor cables can consist of any number of conductors of differing gauge sizes, various shielding options and overall insulation and jacket materials. There are both standard stocked multi-conductor cables and custom multi-conductors cables that can be designed for a specific application.

With so many different options available, how does one go about selecting the multi-conductor cable that will meet specific application needs and functions? The market is saturated with commodity type products that are stocked. Often, customers simply call out a name brand multi-conductor cable that seemingly fits the bill for their application. Many are simply not aware that a custom cable is available – or think that custom cables are simply too expensive. Having a custom multi-conductor cable designed for a customer’s specific need can enhance product performance without breaking the bank.

While Galaxy can assist in designing a custom multi-conductor cable from beginning stages, we can also provide cost-effective equivalents to cables already in use. In most cases, the name brand cable was specified long ago and has always been used in the application or end product and customers become “stuck” with their current multi-conductor cable, often overpaying for items that may be overkill for their application. We are often able to supply an exact equivalent to what is currently being used, or we may even offer suggestions to alter the design to save money, time, or both.

Multicore cable cross sectionWhether you have a multi-conductor cable that you need to design and procure, or you want to determine if you’re currently using the right design and paying the right price, contact an experienced sales engineer at Galaxy Wire & Cable today. View the multi-conductor cable page for more information about this offering.