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Foamed PFA and Foamed FEP Wire

Foamed PFA and Foamed FEP wireFEP and PFA wire and cable are extremely popular in data-transmission applications, especially for being installed through plenum areas. The relatively new process of foaming the PFA or FEP compounds results in an improved cable, while reducing the weight and size.

Extruded FEP and PFA wire and cable offer excellent electrical properties, high operating temperature, are highly flame resistant and are resistant to almost all chemicals. A low dielectric constant and dissipation factors are important electrical properties when transmitting data. Twisted pair or coaxial cables are typically the best products for this application.

These electrical properties are enhanced through the process of foaming. Foamed FEP and Foamed PFA wire and cable transmits a clear, high quality signal at high signal speeds. The density of the compound (amount of foam added) can be tweaked in order to meet the electrical properties desired.

Foamed FEP and Foamed PFA wire and cable not only offer enhanced electrical properties, they also weigh less and have a thinner insulation wall than their extruded counterparts, therefore the size of the finished product is reduced, making it easier to install.

Due to these improved attributes, Foamed FEP and Foamed PFA are very popular in computer manufacturing and installation of network systems. Both products are used across all industries, most notably the medical, military, energy and industrial markets.

Foamed FEP and Foamed PFA wire and cable have low-flame and low-smoke attributes and can be routed through plenum areas and air handling ducts. This reduces the need to install electrical conduit, which can be expensive.

If a data-transmission cable is needed that meets specific, required electrical properties, using Foamed FEP or Foamed PFA may be the solution. Galaxy is a leading supplier of Foamed FEP and Foamed PFA wire and cable, and can offer design assistance to make sure the best product for an application is selected. Contact Galaxy for more on Foamed FEP and Foamed PFA wire and cable.