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Connections Blog

High End Audio Cable Case Study

Audio cable - angle viewA supplier of high-end audio cables contacted Galaxy to explore finding a new supplier for a speaker cable. The current speaker cable was made to the standard RG142 coaxial cable, but RG142 was more of a convenience, not a requirement for this application. The standard RG142 coaxial cable that was being used had a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroetheylene / Teflon®) dielectric material. With PTFE being in short supply currently, the typical lead time for these cables was about 14-18 weeks. They sent a sample of the current cable to Galaxy to inspect.

Galaxy was able to devise a new configuration for this audio cable that replaced the PTFE with FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene). The cable design was also given a few more tweaks, including a larger conductor size. The new cable is not a standard RG142 specification, but RG142 was not a requirement.

Audio cable - side viewThe new cable from Galaxy has a lead time of 7-8 weeks, which is about half the previous lead time, and since the FEP material is less expensive than the PTFE material, the cost savings was about 10-20%. So the customer is now ordering from Galaxy, getting these coaxial audio cables faster and at a lower cost.

Galaxy can provide custom audio and video cables as well as assist with design and material selection. Please contact Galaxy for assistance.