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Large Quantity Custom Cable for Theme Park Case Study

Amusement park rideWhen the design engineers for one of the world’s largest theme parks needed a large quantity of custom designed cable for a new attraction, they reached out to Galaxy Wire and Cable. These design engineers had two problems:

  • The cable they needed was rather complex and needed to perform both electrically and physically in a demanding environment
  • They needed to go from design to large scale production quantities in less than 4-week time frame.

Galaxy was able to collaborate with the engineers and help develop a cable construction that met their needs for this rigorous application. The cable was going to be subjected to a harsh physical environment and numerous chemicals such as oil and gas. Within days of the customer first reaching out to Galaxy, the cable had gone from a concept to a working design after collaboration. The next hurdle was to deliver a large quantity to meet the customer’s critical installation deadline. Securing the large amount of copper and the compound materials for the jacketing and insulation posed the biggest hurdle, but in the end, Galaxy was able to ensure delivery ahead of schedule. Due to the success of this project, Galaxy earned a valuable customer, and this new theme park customer was able to get the cable they needed to meet their tight timeline.

This is just one example of how Galaxy has worked with customers to solve seemingly impossible requirements or deadlines. For help with tough custom wire or cable requirements, please contact Galaxy for assistance.