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Lead Time Issues Solved for High Temp Hook-Up Wire – Case Study

Electronic Fireplace with Ceramic Wood LogsWith supply chain issues being prevalent for many products and materials at this time, lead times have been increasing and sourcing has sometimes been problematic. Recently, Galaxy was able to supply a high temperature hook-up wire for a customer who was confronted with extended lead times that threatened to negatively impact their business.

In this case, the customer needed hook-up wire with UL designation: UL 1726. This is a nickel-plated PFA/ Teflon® wire and it would be exposed to high heat in the product it was being used in. This UL style is not a custom wire, but the customer was having trouble sourcing it. With other suppliers, the usual lead time was 2-3 weeks. But with the current state of the supply chain, the lead times were being extended, first to 5-6 weeks, then it jumped to 15 weeks. These delays were going to affect production, so they sought other sources.

In many cases, Galaxy is able to provide the needed wire with quicker lead times than competitors. Using its vast network of resources, Galaxy was able to provide a quote to supply this high temp wire with shorter lead times while maintaining competitive pricing. So the customer was able to maintain their production schedule because Galaxy was able to deliver faster than the competition.

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Teflon® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.