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Meet IMSA Wire and Cable Specifications for Public Safety Systems

The International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) has developed a list of standards and specifications for wire and cable products used globally in public safety systems and their communications infrastructure. IMSA cable specifications are referenced by people performing a multitude of tasks including:

  • Engineers involved in the design phase
  • Contractors looking to meets a projects requirements
  • Public agencies looking to maintain or expand their communications infrastructure

Galaxy Wire & Cable has over 20 years of experience offering solutions to issues faced while working with customers to meet IMSA wire and cable specifications. Problem solving and ingenuity are Galaxy’s strengths, especially when the standard products that are available are not be the best option for the application. For example, maybe a different gauge size or conductor count is needed and that is not readily available. Galaxy has helped clients solve many problems like this and more.

Galaxy has helped provide cable with an alternate color codes to make installation easier for electricians. We have provided a composite cable so installers only need to run one cable instead of two or three. We have crossed expensive brand-name products with exact equivalents at a much lower cost. All of these solutions are examples of how we have helped municipalities save money on IMSA wire and cable when budgets are tight.

Galaxy Wire & Cable can provide a variety of constructions that meet the proper IMSA standard for any given application. IMSA 19-1 and IMSA 20-1 are used as traffic signal cable.  IMSA 50-2 is used as Loop Detector lead in cable. IMSA 51-3, IMSA 51-5 and IMSA 51-7 are all used as loop detector lead in wire. IMSA 19-6 and 20-6 are used as aerial cable supported by a messenger, or for direct earth burial either as fire protective signaling cable or as traffic signal cable. IMSA 39-2 and IMSA 40-2 are both used either as fire protective signaling cable or traffic communications and data acquisitioning cable for power limited use.

If you are struggling to come up with the proper IMSA design for your application or want to trim costs, Galaxy is the wire and cable expert best equipped to solve any IMSA challenge. View the IMSA wire and cable web page for more information about this offering. Then contact a sales engineer at Galaxy Wire & Cable today or use the Custom Cable Quote Form for assistance with IMSA wire and cable.