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Overmold Capabilities Expanded

Molded D-Sub cable connectorsGalaxy Wire & Cable announces that it now has the ability to manufacture overmolded cable assemblies in its Horsham, PA facility. With the acquisition of a new Mini-Jector Model 55P, Galaxy can now produce injection molded cable assemblies as an additional value-added service to customers. This ability to manufacture overmolded cable assemblies increases the product offerings Galaxy is able to provide, while still providing all types of custom constructed bulk wire and cable and assemblies.

An overmolded cable assembly, also commonly called an injection molded or molded assembly, is a cable assembly that has one or multiple ends molded to create a hermetically sealed connector or plug. Molding a cable assembly is often done to help improve the performance and durability of the assembly. An overmolded cable assembly will be more reliable in a rugged and harsh environment and protects all the wire terminations inside the connector. Traditionally a cable assembly is made using a mechanical backshell that has to be assembled. Aside from the increased cost of the physical backshell itself, there can be an increase in build time to manufacture the cable assembly with the mechanical connector; this also increases the final cost of the assembly. Therefore, the option of overmolding is attractive from a cost savings standpoint while at the same time increasing functionality, reliability, and quality.

The advantage of having in-house overmolding is that Galaxy is now vertically integrated and can control the entire cable assembly process to ensure that the quality of the finished product meets Galaxy’s high standards.

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