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Sensor Cable Applications

Sensor Cables with ConnectorsSensor technology is becoming part of everyday life and advances in sensor technology are happening quickly and often. Breakthroughs with sensor technology are affecting numerous markets including the medical, defense, automobile and manufacturing. Galaxy is a leading supplier of sensor cables and works with customers in many industries to develop custom sensor cables for many new sensor applications in various industries.

The use of biosensors – sensors that convert a biological response to an electrical signal – has enabled medical professionals to detect and diagnose disease in patients. The use of biosensors is also becoming more prevalent in the fitness world with the ability to monitor one’s heart rate and track a user’s activity level.

The use of sensors in the defense industry has among other things increased the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). UAVs utilize sensors in a number of ways from optics to temperature to targeting and tracking objects of interest.

Sensor Cables with ConnectorsThe automobile market is expanding its use of sensors. Sensors are being used to assist in parking, breaking and to warn drivers of the proximity of objects. But, some of the more exciting advances are in the use of sensors in the development of driverless vehicles. At some point in the near future, there will be self driving cars on the road.

Sensors are also widely used in the industrial and manufacturing markets. Sensors allow for more automation in the manufacture process. Sensors also reliably transmit critical information during the manufacturing process such as fluid levels, pressure/force, humidity and temperature.

Black Sensor CableA vast majority of the sensors used in the industries listed above require specially designed cable to accurately measure the environment and transmit data. Sensor cables are built to transmit electrical, temperature and pressure reading for measurement purposes. Some sensors cables must be able to perform in harsh environments with special jacket and conductor compounds designed to withstand heavy duty use. Galaxy has the expertise to help design sensor cables to specific needs and requirements – contact Galaxy today for assistance.