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Solving a Supply Chain Problem – Case Study

Supply chain problem solvingAs most companies are acutely aware, the current COVID-19 global pandemic has exposed weaknesses in the supply chain in the electronics industry, among countless others. Companies that once practiced lean manufacturing and just-in-time deliveries have been reduced to waiting astronomical lead times that the industry has never seen before. There are parts shortages everywhere, and companies are struggling to keep up with scarce availability, increasing prices, and labor shortages. Galaxy has a dedicated staff working hard to minimize the impact to all of its customers.

An existing Galaxy customer has seen explosive growth of their products over the past 18 months, coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic. Galaxy has always been able to support this customer’s needs, but as supply chains around the world have become stressed, acquiring the necessary raw materials to manufacture the end product became extremely challenging. Lead times of the raw materials were extended from weeks to months.

Fearing that shortages in the supply chain threatened to shut down one of their entire factories, the customer and Galaxy collaborated to pivot and avoid disaster for the customer. Galaxy was able to use their expertise to come up with a solution for an alternate part that was more readily available. Even better, the pricing was not affected. In the end, the long lead time was negated, and Galaxy was able to keep supplying the parts with little effect on the customer’s end production.

Galaxy has strong supply chain expertise and can often work with customers to find solutions to such problems. Please contact Galaxy for assistance with challenging wire, cable, or assembly problems.