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Wire Lead Manufacturing Case Study

Wire leads prepped and readyAs a wire and cable supplier, Galaxy is often asked if it can prepare the wire or cable a customer is purchasing into specific lengths instead of on bulk reels. With its cable assembly and wire harness manufacturing capabilities, Galaxy can often assist with such customer requests. What customers often look for is help with cutting, stripping, tinning and possibly terminating the wires with connector pins and sockets. Galaxy has the ability to help its customers with all of those different functions. With the use of the Komax Alpha 530 wire processing machine, Galaxy can do wire lead manufacturing – cut wires to specific lengths, strip the ends, tin the ends and terminate the ends of the wire with contact pins and sockets. Some of the popular brands of contacts that Galaxy uses include: TE Connectivity, Molex, JST, and many others. This can be of great value to many customers as it allows them to take a costly and time-consuming manufacturing process off of their own production floor. Galaxy has the ability to produce small batches to thousands of pieces in a short period of time. Another function of great value is cutting wires to length and tinning the ends. These tinned wire leads are then delivered to the customer ready for use in their end products.

Komax Alpha 530 in actionRecently, Galaxy received an inquiry from an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) looking for a large volume of prepped wire leads. The customer was using 18AWG wire in eight different colors, all cut to a certain length. The wires all had to be stripped and tinned on both ends. This OEM had been working with a different supplier for years. However, pricing had increased recently, and lead times had quadrupled since early 2020. Galaxy was able to turn a quote around in 24 hours with competitive pricing and a lead time that worked for their schedule. Samples were quickly shipped, and production quantities were produced within 3 weeks of receiving the order, allowing the OEM to keep their production line up and running at an important time for their business.

As lead times become increasingly important, utilizing Galaxy as a resource to provide wire leads is a great way to cut down on production time. Please contact Galaxy for assistance with wire lead manufacturing.